deadrebel gym


Powertec Powercage with Olympic Bar and Weights for Heavy Lifts. Lifting Chains, Medicine Balls and Clubbells for variety.  


Suples Gladiator Wall for a range of conditioning exercises. 3.7m Climbing Rope for endurance workouts


Matted sparring area (4m x 3m) for MMA training, with Uppercut Bag, Heavy Bag and Semtex Wrestling Dummy for fight conditioning. 

deadrebel gym is a private strength & conditioning facility in the Midlands, UK. The gym features a range of top quality equipment for professional atheletes, including;

  • Powertec Powercage with Olympic Bar (& Fat Gripz)
  • Olympic Hexagonal Weights & Micro-plates
  • Lifting Chains (for Olympic Bar)
  • Clubbells – 8kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg
  • Sledgehammer – 10kg
  • Tyre (for sledgehammer and lifting)
  • Multi-grip Sandbag – 15kg
  • Bulgarian Bags – 12kg,  18kg
  • Custom Heavy Chain with D-Handles – 40kg
  • Olympic Dumbbells
  • Semtex Wrestling Dummy – 50kg (L)
  • Wolverson Battle Ropes
  • Lonsdale Authentic Uppercut Bag
  • Lonsdale Authentic Heavy Bag
  • Medicine Balls – 5kg, 10kg (oversized), 15kg (oversized).
  • Suples Gladiator Wall (with fitted Battle Ropes)
  • Custom Built Indoor Climbing Wall – 2.4m x 2.4m (with 100+ holds & volumes fitted).
  • Climbing Rope 3.7m (extending into custom roof void)
  • Rubber Safety Flooring
  • Judo Combat Matts (4m x 3m area)
  • Gym Mirrors (8ft x 6ft)
  • Wolverson Gym Timer (for timed workouts)
  • Dali-Zensor Speakers throughout
  • Heating and Cooling for year-round training.